Murray has had the great pleasure of working with the most talented directors and most of the major production companies in the world.


Plum productions-LA , Backyard-LA , Anonymous content-LA, Gap Films-Germany, Quad-France, HLA-UK, Pyramid-Japan...


2014: "Z for Zachariah" starring Margot Robbie, Chris Pine and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Directed by Craig Zobel
2007-2008: The Laundry Warrior. Directed by Sngmoo Lee starring Jang Dong Gun, Kate Bosworth & Geoffrey Rush.
Two Little Boys directed by Rob Sarkies starring Bret McKenzie (Flight of the Conchords) and Hamish Blake (Hamish and Andy).
2006: 10,000BC. Directed by Roland Emmerich for Warner Bros.
2004-5: The World's Fastest Indian. Directed by Roger Donaldson starring Sir Anthony Hopkins
2003: Mee Shee The Water Giant. Directed by John Henderson for MBP Germany.